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dog-ear (dôg′îr′, dŏg′-)
n.  A turned-down corner of a page in a book.

By proadAccountId-382894 23 May, 2017

I’m sure any dog owner would agree, life with a dog is more colorful. They make our own stories richer in often unexpected ways. And with raw beauty they help us discover who we are.

Part of the self discovery I speak of means stepping outside of our comfort zone to tackle things we couldn’t have imagined doing five seconds before taking the plunge. Take for example, this vegan—me—feeding raw meat to my dogs. For those of you who don’t know me that may not seem like a big deal at all so I’ll give you a little background on my gastronomical philosophy. I am completely and utterly disgusted by meat.  And not just the red, bloody kind, but any flesh that came from something that used to breathe and have a face. I grew up in a steak-and-potatoes kind of house so I’m no stranger to consuming animal parts, but it has never felt normal to me and I’ve spent nearly my entire life defending my belief that meat is downright gross and should remain attached to its original owner.

Now fast forward to present day and I’m feeding my dogs raw meat. How is it possible that a girl who, back in the day, couldn’t prepare chicken without plastic baggies on her hands could now be dishing out bloody flesh, organs and bone to her four-legged kiddos? The simple answer is because I love them so much that I’m willing to grin and bear it. Seeing Dexter drool with anticipation is worth the discomfort of having to pick up a turkey neck and place it in his bowl and then listen to him crunching on it for what seems like an eternity. The warm-and-fuzzy feeling that I’m doing what I can to make sure my dogs are healthy and happy is worth every whiff of sardine and splatter of blood…and the smirk on my husband’s face as he watches me scoop it into each dog’s bowl. 

It’s all about looking each challenge in the face and saying, "this is good because..."  For me, this experience is good because I showed myself that this is yet another thing I can conquer. My dogs mean more to me than the momentary discomfort I feel when I touch ground rabbit.

Next up: tripe. Help me. 

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