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Dog Grooming for the Clifton Park & Saratoga, NY Area

We provide canine styling services with a focus on maintaining a calm and healthy environment.  Whether your dog needs a post-adventure refresher or a full spa day, we’re here to help.  Our goal is to send your dog home looking and feeling his or her best, just the way you want.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.  Nails are trimmed and can also be filed.  We never use cage dryers, instead taking the time to towel-dry your dog and finish up with a hand-held dryer, which allows us to inspect your dog’s skin and coat properly while obtaining the best result.  Every dog has our undivided attention from start to finish.  Each grooming experience, whether it’s a body-contouring trim or full-body clipping, is tailored to achieve a balanced and attractive look.

All services are available by appointment Monday through Sunday and can be scheduled along with boarding or daycare when applicable. Prices are subject to the size of dog, breed and condition of coat.  

Grooming appointments cannot be made via online scheduling so please call or stop in to make an appointment!
Loyalty Punch Card Program

We're kicking it old school with loyalty punch cards! Receive a "punch" with each groom and receive your 10th groom free. Please note: each card is for grooming services of similar value and parents are welcome to have multiple cards if they use us for multiple services.  For example, Fido's mom can have a separate card for her bi-weekly nail trims and one for Fido's full grooms, but she can't visit us for nine nail trims and get a complimentary full groom--as awesome as that might be.
Please note: Due to the fact that we are also a dog daycare, we DO NOT offer services to dogs with fleas.  We ask that all dogs coming in for a groom be on a flea and tick preventative and up-to-date on vaccinations. 

Comprehensive Dog Grooming Services and Rates

Full Service

Bath, brushing, blow dry, nail trim and ear cleaning
Prices starting at $25

Mini Groom 
Bath, brushing, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, paw trim and body contour (if needed)
Prices starting at $30

Full Groom 
Bath, brushing, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, sanitary trim, paw trim and full-body cut
Prices starting at $45

Puppy's First Groom
A dog's first professional groom for dogs under 
6 months of age

Puppy's Introductory Package
A fun and slow introduction to the grooming process for dogs under 6 months of age who are in for a lifetime of haircuts! For dogs who will need lifelong trims, it is important to get them used to the process as soon as possible, and in a positive manner, so that the stage is set for future grooming experiences. This package is designed to introduce the different steps of grooming through a gradual progression from brushing, bathing and drying to the full groom experience including the full-body trim. The package includes three mini grooms and one final full groom, which must be scheduled at the time of purchase.

A La Carte

Nail Trim
Clip and file - $10

Teeth Cleaning
Brushing with enzymatic tooth paste - $5


Additional Brush-Out Time/De-Matting
30 minutes - $10
60 minutes - $20

Nail Grinding
Smooth edges of nail trim - $5

Tooth & Nail Upgrade
Nail grinding and teeth cleaning added to full service - $8

Spa Upgrade
Teeth cleaning, nail grinding and coat conditioner - $10

Additional Handler
If your dog requires an extra person during the grooming process  - $7

Size Differential
If your dog is above and beyond the normal breed size we will need to charge a bit more to account for additional time and product needed
Small Dog - $5
Large Dog - $10

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