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Oma's Pride Raw Food

CaNine to Five is a Proud Distributor of Oma's Pride Raw Dog Food!

Proper nutrition is critical to a dog's health and well-being.  Far too often, we see dogs with chronic food allergies, ear infections and gastro-intestinal issues that can easily be solved with a change in diet and Oma's Pride Raw dog food is a great option.
An all-natural and healthy alternative to kibble!

A Raw Diet is Key to a Happier and Healthier Dog

Although domesticated, canine systems are genetically consistent with their ancestors. Their digestive systems are designed for a raw, live enzyme-rich food diet and Oma's Pride® is simply pet food as nature intended:

 The Oma’s Pride raw food diet replicates what canines and felines have eaten for thousands of years.
Bones, raw meat, organs, vegetables and nothing more are the components of an Oma’s Pride raw diet.
100% Natural Ingredients: what you see is what you get. NO preservatives, additives, by-products, grains, corn, soy, sugar or ingredients you can't pronounce.

Promotes overall health and wellness
Naturally hydrates your pet
Easier weight management
Helps to resolve allergy issues
Healthy skin and coat
Reduction in stool volume and smell
Consistent growth pattern in puppies
Reduces occurrence of digestive problems
Promotes healthy gums and reduces tartar
Calmer demeanor
Improves endurance

  • To maintain freshness, we do not keep retail on hand--all product is expected to be picked up on the day of delivery.  
  • Deliveries are scheduled every three weeks with Tuesday being the delivery day.
  • To start purchasing Oma's Pride through us, request to be added to our email list, register with us online through our client portal and place your order by the specified date; a delivery schedule will be provided along with a complete price list.
  • Place all orders viaemailONLY and, for the sake of accuracy, be sure to include the product #.
  • After placing an order, if you do not receive an invoice within 24 hours please call or email to follow up and ensure that the emailed order was received; if you place your order on a Saturday you will receive your invoice on Monday.
  •  We will apply a 6% discount to all orders with at least one case as long as it is picked up on delivery day; the discount will be applied to the issued invoice amount.
  • Cash, check and credit are accepted.
  • Send a friend our way and we'll thank you with a $20 credit to use toward your next raw order! Referrals are good toward any of our services: Daycare, Grooming, Training and Boarding. 
  • All daycare clients with either a standing reservation or a package will receive a 15% discount on ALL raw orders!

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