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We are a full-service professional dog grooming salon staffed by experienced and caring stylists. We eschew the assembly line method of grooming dogs in favor of individually scheduled appointments so that each client has our undivided attention and the salon environment is as stress-free as possible.

Here are just a few of the great attributes that set us apart from some other dog groomers:

  • We use only quality products with special attention paid to the safety of all ingredients.

  • Every dog is worked on from start to finish during their set appointment time.

  • We dry all dogs by hand using a high-velocity dryer to properly monitor the condition of a dog’s skin and coat while achieving the best finished groom results.

Grooming Hours

Monday - Sunday

By appointment only

Grooming Prices

All prices are based on service requested, breed of dog, size of dog, condition of coat and behavior during the groom. Price ranges listed below are estimates only.

Bath - between $25-$75

  • Bath, Blow Dry, Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

Mini Groom - between $30-$90

  • Bath, Blow Dry, Silhouette Trim, Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

Full Groom - between $45-$110

  • Bath, Blow Dry, Full-body Trim, Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

Puppy’s 1st Groom - $25

An hour-long introduction to the grooming process for puppies up to 5 months. We take our time through the bath and drying process to make the experience positive and fun. Each puppy is introduced to the feel of the clippers and at least minimal trimming with scissors.

Nail Clip - $10

Nail Clip & Grind - $15

Teeth Cleaning - $10

Grooming Add-ons

Extras that can be added to any Bath, Mini Groom or Full Groom

Nail Grind - $5

Spa Upgrade - $20

  • Teeth cleaning, nail grind & conditioner

Grooming Extras

De-Matting - $10/30 minutes

At times, knots and tangles in a dog’s coat become matted and require additional brushing to remove.

Flea Elimination - $5 to $25

Due to the fact that we offer daycare and boarding we do not knowingly accept dogs with fleas. However, sometimes we will unexpectedly find them hitchhiking on dogs and when this happens we will take extra steps to rid them of the parasites and charge according to size and degree of infestation.

Size Differential - $5 to $10

Each standard breed has a typical weight and size range; if your dog happens to exceed the range we will charge accordingly to cover the additional time and product required.

Extra Handler - $10

Some dogs can be a smidge naughty for their groom or may have physical limitations that require an extra hand during the grooming process.

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